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Aug 2, 2003 11:59 AM

Cuban restaurant in the west end?

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HI! Are there are any neat cuban restaurants in the west end of toronto? somewhere between kipling or dundas west station? accessible by subway? if anybody knows of a good one, even if it's slightly outside of this area let me know...

thanks alot

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  1. not quite in the area you specify, but still in the general west end - Julie's on Dovercourt (a bit north of Queen). It's a small place, very cosy, with a big tapas menu - I recommend sharing these instead of ordering entrees. The food is quite good and homey, although most everything is quite mild (but I have found that about all Cuban restaurants so far!). Julie's is open for dinners from 5:30, but there is no lunch.

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      Liz, Cuban from NYC

      I have visited Toronto a countless number of times because I just love the city so much, however, I always felt homesick because I missed my Cuban food. I had been to several "so called" Cuban restaurants in Toronto that were terrible and then I found El Rincon Cubano located at 256D Augusta Avenue in Downtown T.O.
      The food is outstanding as is the hospitality! Manuel & Lynda, proprietors, are the real deal! The food is packed with robust flavors, texture and just melts in your mouth! Finally, there is AUTHENTIC Cuban food in Toronto and I cannot wait until my next visit to enjoy more of their delectable foods! To complete the package is the unparalleled hospitality you'll receive while you are there. Be prepared it is a small, very casual place but it is worth the drive and/or wait [if any].

      1. re: Liz, Cuban from NYC
        Liz, Cuban from NYC

        If you are interested in real Cuban food avoid by all means possible La Carreta on Danforth Avenue. The food is disgusting and my no means Authentic Cuban food! Although the menu items are traditional Cuban foods they are not prepared accordingly making for a very unpleasant experience.