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Aug 2, 2003 11:56 AM

Turkey Kielbasa.

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I'm a huge fan of kielbasa but I actually didn't know that there was turkey kielbasa in toronto. I was in Cheese Boutique (really neat) getting my usual kilo of kielbasa when the cashier suggest i try the turkey version. It was love at first bite.

It's much leaner then regular kielbasa and perfectly salted. For kielbasa lovers it's a must..

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  1. Where is Cheese Boutique?

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    1. re: DVR

      Cheese Boutique
      45 Ripley Avenue,
      Toronto ON, M6S 3P2
      Tel: 416-762-6292 Fax: 416-762-0890

    2. Turkey kielbasa's available at lots of the delis on Roncesvalles.

      Chicago, just north of Westminster and Roncy, has carried it for a couple of years--and it's a good bakery too.

      1. g
        galloping gourmand

        Loblaws @ Bathurst and St. Clair carries it, and probably other locations as well