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Aug 1, 2003 11:04 AM

Prune Danish

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Does anyone know of a good reliable source in T.O. Health Bakery (mini chain -westend)use to have wonderful jam packed(pun-intended)versions. But they were absorbed by Open Window. Open Window continued the supply for a while, but then that source seemed to disappear.

Kiva (Steeles/Bathurst) does a similar version but only occassionally and on a schedule know only to them and GOD.

Carosel in the St. Lawrence Market (on Saturday's only) has a similar shaped "Kiva" style danish but with Blueberry and Cherry not Prune.

Request for special orders would be accepted but only for orders on several dozen. I like them but.....

Any leads.


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  1. the Cake Master on Cumberland in Yorkville make great cheese, cherry and prune danish, but the real treasure is the poppy seed ...go early( after 8.30) it goes fast