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Aug 1, 2003 08:55 AM

Great Middle Eastern Find

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A great middle eastern restaurant opened up a couple of months ago in North York. Its called "Caravan" and is located at Yonge/Cummer (not far from Finch station). The menu is very Turkish influenced, which is interesting, given that the menues from most other middle eastern places (Sababa, Jerusalem, etc.) are influenced from other regions. I found it great that they had dishes that I've seen at few other places (other than Anatolia) - i.e. iskender kebab. The chai (tea) is proper Turkish tea, by which I was completely seduced. One downside - I'm a huge fan of baklava, and unfortunately theirs isn't the best. The place is extremely reasonably priced. I would recommend the trip to any middle eastern food connoisseur/lover such as myself.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who gets a chance to try Caravan.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't really tried much Middle Eastern food though I would love to.

    I've also noticed a new place several blocks north of Caravan called Patough (sp?). They have a great looking patio. Has anyone here tried it?

    There is certainly no shortage of Middle Eastern eateries in the Yonge-Finch/Steeles neighbourhood.