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Jul 30, 2003 02:02 PM

Bymark's Burger

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I had the Bymark $34 burger. It was a good burger, with melted Brie, mushrooms, shaved truffles, and basil garni. The short story: It is highly overrated and overpriced. Anyone who wants more details may inquire.

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  1. I know it's a lot of bucks, but I found it tasty, and a lot cheaper and better than the two major "big buck" burgers now on the go in NYC.

    I ate both of them in the line of duty for my paper last January (although I'm an entertainment writer, not a food critic), and I'm
    posting the link below.


    1. See link below for a previous mention of the Bymark burger.

      Now I'm more confused than ever. Should I or shouldn't I try this obscenely expensive burger? There was a suggestion in the previous thread to split the burger with a friend, but if it turns out to be really really good I would not be happy with half a burger. :-(


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        The last sentence in the forementioned link (about the entertainment) says it all.

        Not even going into the multiple reasons why a hamburger could possibly cost 33.95 (the ingredients, overhead, etc.) there is I guess an unquantifiable aspect of 'dining' in what is basically a basement or, if you are seated outside at the Bymark, a fire exit to said basement leading out to a concrete public square filled with office workers.

        I don't see the emperor's clothes but his middle-aged courtiers and their trophy wives-in-waiting can be a hoot. They may live in an alternate universe but at least they can afford the $34.

        Richard, how can I get a job like yours?