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Jul 29, 2003 07:32 PM

Taste of the Danforth?

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Who wants to make this the second official toronto chowgathering?

email me; don't respond to this post. luxproject at hotmail dot com

put 'chowhound' in the message subject, please. i'll send out an evite on mondayish.

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  1. As a resident of the area for the 10 years this has been in operation, let me offer one piece of advice: the best time to hit "the Taste" before it gets hopelessly crowded is the very first few hours on the Friday night. (some places open by 5, most by 6).

    Good grazing at that point. From then on, although it can be fun to hear the bands, and hang out, it gets harder to devote real attention to the food.

    But enjoy....


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    1. re: Richard

      ahh.. unfortunately that's not possible for me, as i work at night.