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Jul 29, 2003 01:27 PM

What is a Shwarma?

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Has anyone tried the shwarma at Pita Nutsy in Streetsville?


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  1. Just today as a matter of fact! Run, don't walk to this place and the cool Labanese guys, especially the bald one will explain the delicious shawarma pita sandwiches. Shawarma is grilled, sliced beef and there's also chicken. The pita is toasted on the grill and they make their own sauce. It's a small place but it's worth checking out.

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    1. re: Roma

      A must have is the "Shawarma On The Rocks" (I had it for dinner on Monday)...It's a house specialty that consists of a large bed of rice (always flavourful, never dry!) covered by a substantial portion of chicken shawarma meat and sauced with tahini/garlic sauce...Available in mild or hot.

      1. re: Sam
        Mississauga Matt

        On Sam's recommendation I went to Pita Nutsy and ordered the Shawarma On The Rocks for take-out, but I stupidly forgot to order the garlic sauce. The rice and shawarma were very good, but I suspect they're even better with the garlic sauce.

        I've turned into a bit of a shawarma hunter thanks to this page. Based on recommendations here, I've checked out the Mediterranean 2 Go place on Elm, the swawarma place on the west side of John just north of Adelaide, and now Pita Nutsy. All are different yet fantastic.