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Jul 28, 2003 03:28 PM

B.B.Q Ala DiPamos

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I had been at the Englington location after they opened with much fanfare and found the food mediocre at best. I thought that perhaps they where going through with their opening jitters. This week I had visitors in from overseas and they drooled at the mention of BBQ...I thought that I would give DiPamos another shot..What a mistake!!..Though the ribs where decent , everything else about the experience was terrible..From a grouchy, unpleasent and out right rude waitress, to side portions that looked like they where sample portions ( and for what they are charging!!). The BBQ chicken was undercooked, small and tasteless...All in all it was an utter disaster..I really felt bad for my guests...All I can say is, That was the LAST time for me!!

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  1. This seems to be an opportune time to give a review of Phil's BBQ, once known as Dipalmos before the name was sold off to the new restaurant. This information comes from a National Post Story, so Dipalmos at Eglinton is not really associated with the old joint it was more of an attempt to get market cache, which obviously worked on the last poster.

    Anyway, I had a great meal at Phil's BBQ which is still at College/Ossignton. We started off with these deep fried cornbread nuggets with a tangy gravy dipping sauce. That would be last non meat item available. I had the brisket which was delicious and tender and had as a nice smokey flavour. It was $11.95/$12.95 and I thought the portion was fine, not massive but they certainly weren't stingy. Also with all the mains you get delicous beans with brisket chunks. The rest of the gang had ribs, maybe a bit pricy for a full rack $18.95($11.95 for a half). The ribs had a lot of meat on them and it was tender and very easy to separate from the bone. Beer is pretty cheap at the place too but you definately go for the food not the atmosphere which consists of B&W photos of blues musicians. However, the staff were very friendly and the service was good.

    For BBQ enthusiasts it should be noted that this is dry rub BBQ. There is no gooey sauce on the ribs which personnaly I'm very fond of. The sauces on the table are OK but definately not gourmet.

    I've heard that people are not always happy with the meat here, I have only been once before, about 3 years ago when it still was Dipalmos, and this experience about a month ago, was superior.

    Thank you to everybody that posts on this site I find the tips very useful and I hope to attend the next Chow Hound dinner.


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      Phil's, which used to be DiPamos hasnt change at all since the name change. But you dont want to order th chicken, the beef brisket and the pulled pork are great, although the brisket can be a bit fatty so you can ask them to cut it lean for you. (Sort of like asking for lean at Shcwartzes in Montreal, which I would never do because fat means flavour). The hush puppies are good starters as well and it's very reasonably priced. And the beans are great. The sauces and coleslaw etc are all a little bit sour, but I'd reccomend it