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Jul 25, 2003 05:52 PM

Best low calorie healthy restaurant?

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My mom has to be on a diet for health reasons, and I have recently started eating healthy as well. I was wondering, what rstaurants are good and not that expensive. We can have lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, beets (etc.), tofu, soy, meat, fish, eggs, sunflower oil, live oil, etc. We're not allowed fruits, bread of any kind, milk products and such. Small adjustments can be made... Like we love to go to Sushi Time. Right now the best thing I can find is Freddy's Tuna Salad at Pickle Barrel... Tuna salad, lettuce, sprouts, eggs, and I ask for vinegar. There is also a shrimp and egg salad at Movenpick which is good. Tonight I want to try Fresh on Queen Street, so I will be sure to update you all! We live in the West end, but be sure to list all of the good restaurants!

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  1. I've heard Fressen is really good numerous times but was denied a table twice because they didn't have room. I hate to recommend something I haven't tried, but like I said, I've heard so many times it's good, albiet expensive. Fresh by Juice for Life has pleanty of stuff for you guys. And I've enjoyed most of what I've had there.


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      Yes, they have PLENTY of healthy, DELICIOUS FOODS!!! I LOVE it, but it's a bit pricey to go all the time, although it's cheaper than Movenpick.

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        Yes, I like Fresh too (I just had their Buddha rice bowl for lunch!) but people who aren't used to this type of macrobiotic based vegan cusine may find it a bit stodgy. I recently took two friends there, and they hated it! sg

    2. There is also a "Fresh" [formerly Juice for Life] at Bathurst and Bloor.

      As a former Torontonian, I insist on going there every time I visit.