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Jul 25, 2003 09:00 AM

The Korean Grill

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Recently there was a thread that mentioned The Korean Grill on Queen Street. I've been told that they offer a buffet style dinner brought to your table and you cook it yourself. Has anyone been to that location? How's the food and is it worth it.

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  1. Where on Queen?

    There used to be a place called Kiku that was similar. You ordered your meat & veggies and cooked it at your table. Sadly, they've been gone for years. There was one location on King, across from Roy Thomson Hall, and another on Yonge, north of St Clair.

    I'd love to hear more about Korean Grill too!

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    1. re: Tabuda

      The Korean Grill is alright, but it's chinese style Korean food so the Kimchi and pan-chan(korean pickles served as dishes) are pretty bad. It's a good deal though if you just want to eat as much meat as you can, cooked to your liking.


      1. re: hungrylikeawolf

        The Korean Grill is pretty good. I really do enjoy the cook-your-own-stuff experience. But I do agree with hungrylikeawolf, The Korean Grill is a "queen streetified" Korean resautrant -- good, but not quite the real deal. Also the service can be very slow when it's busy -- and I don't understand why since all they have to do is bring a bunch of stuff to your table -- no cooking required at their end. One of my favourite Korean grills is Walker Hill in Richmond Hill (West Beaver Creek and Hwy 7., near Leslie and 7) -- they are fast, the pickles are excellent, and I could eat short ribs there until I exploded.

        That being said, if you're not in the mood to go to Richmond Hill, but are in the mood for Korean I would definitely recommend the Korean Grill.


        1. re: kbcat

          I wasn't too impressed when I went but it was a lot of fun, we liked being able to grill our own meats at the table... always worth trying for the experience.

    2. It is so worth it especially if you go after 10pm. It's all you can eat for about $8.95 per person if I am not mistaken. You'll be carrying your belly out. I think the regular price is around $11.95 during dinner hours. You'll have to check it out. I can assure you it's good!

      1. If you just want to greedily shovel food down your throat, with no regard to authenticity or quality, then go by all means. My Korean friends went there recently and ranted about how awful the food was. Sounds like a place for tourists and hungry students, not for Chowhounds.