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Restaurant with a view of the lake

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I'm wondering if anyone can help me:

A few weeks back, I read a very positive review of a new-ish restaurant that has a great view of the lake. The problem is, I can't remember the name of the restaurant or where I read it.

It had a simple name, I believe with 'Lake' somewhere in there...if anyone could help me, I'd be very grateful!


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  1. Now magazine reviewed a place called Waterside Bistro. Is this the one you're talking about? I don't think it's new, just little known.

    Or were you referring to Captain John's? ;-)

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    1. re: Misha

      lol CAPTAIN JOHN'S! THAT'S IT! (not)

      yes yes yes the waterside bistro. thank you sooo much!


    2. I hope you weren't thinking of Bambu by the Lake, which actually sucks.

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        no, it was something like lakeside grill or some such thing.

        but thanks for the heads up. : )

      2. There was talk recently about Lakeview Lunch on Dundas but it doesn't actually have a view of the lake. Could that be it?

        1. Sunnyside is right by the lake, it's nice.

          1. Hi, where is Waterside Bistro located?

            1. Hi, where is Waterside Bistro located?