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Jul 24, 2003 02:45 PM

Milestone's - appalling

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Several friends decided to go to Milestone's (on John Street, at Richmond) for lunch today, and I went along.

Well! I was not familiar with this restaurant, but as it turns out, it's a chain restaurant with many locations in Ontario and BC. It has the typical "mall restaurant" type menu (pizza, pasta, faux-Asian dishes, Caesar salad, etc).

I glanced at the drinks menu, and what did I see? "Milestone's is the original home of the Bellini. Often copied. Never duplicated. Always a double!" And what's in this so-called Bellini? Rum, peach schnapps, "champagne", and topped with....sangria. Riiiight. I'm no food historian, but I know that the Bellini was invented at Harry's Bar in Venice, and contains nothing more than white peach purée and Prosecco.

Anyway, folks, if you're a serious Chowhound, avoid this Milestone's restaurant. It's a vulgar corporate restaurant, appropriate for office parties.

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  1. Ah yes, Milestones. I have also been subjected to it once, at the Yonge & Sheppard location. It's one of those restaurants where the server says, "Hi guys! My name is ______ and I'll be your server today!" They also have greeters with headphones doing the hi/bye thing as you walk in or out the door.

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    1. re: Nut Meg

      yeah... i used to go to the milestone's in victoria a lot, especially with one of my ex-boyfriends. pretty much the only reason we ever went was the view (it's right on the inner harbour, looking over the harbour out to the estuary on the south, and up the gorge to the north), and the fishbowl margaritas. yum.

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        i went earlier this week at islington and queensway(my friend paid, plus i've never been). they wouldn't cook my burger any less than medium well (and it came well - thanks for nothing) my friend had some terrible lookin pasta. ugh, i'll leave this place to the grade 10ers.

    2. If you have some simple relatives visiting from Tumbleweedville, take the kids to Rainforest Cafe, and the adults to Milestones.

      1. I went to Milestone's last week Friday...........the food sucked.........the drinks and apps were o.k. I would not go back. I wanted to go downtown to a restaurant with a patio. I met a friend and have always wanted to go to Milestone's which is why I went. The patio was full, so we sat inside. The atmosphere was good, but everything else sucked.

        Any patio recommendations in downtown?? I don't want to go to Milestone's again.

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        1. re: Leah S.

          I enjoy the patio at Kubo DX for drinks after work. And when I'm ready for food, I just walk across the courtyard to the Bymark patio for their wonderful fries and their heavenly burger (yeah, so it's $33.95). Both places are on Wellington (north side, west of Bay), surrounded by all the towers. You'll get a number of obnoxious suits and their bimbettes there, but that's all part of the entertainment.

          1. re: Heather

   paid 33.95 for a burger and fries? What? What? Explain yourself!

            1. re: miguel

              Actually Miguel, the burger was $33 without the fries. I did get two large, herbed onion rings with the burger, though.

              There's been endless hype about this burger. The link below discusses the current luxe-burger trend (I apologize in advance - the article was written by the extremely annoying Leah McLaren). Also see the Eye magazine review of the burger:


              Yes, the idea of paying that much money for a burger is disgusting. However, it's definitely unlike anything you've ever tasted before. You could do what many people do - go to Bymark for a beer in the upstairs lounge or the patio, have the restaurant cut the burger in half, and share it with your friend as a snack.