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Jul 23, 2003 04:17 PM


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Looking for a Terroni like pizza in MISSISSAUGA?

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    i dont know what terra is, but theres an italian bakery on creditview between eglinton and britannia. they got pizza slices, sandwhiches, pastas and a daily fish dish. typical ital bakery goodness

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    1. re: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Chin-Unit!

      That's Molisano's on Creditview, it's 1 light south of Brittania. At lunchtime it's usually busy with an office crowd from the 401/Erin Mills area, or full of kids from the Catholic highschool nearby.

      Too bad it closes early, also the steam table and pizza slice selections are limited if you go there after the lunch rush.

      1. re: Derek

        Don't worry.

        Good Pizza can be found in Mississauga.

        The Toronto Pizza Chain is now at Hwy.10 and Eglington
        in Mississauga

        They're open until 2 Sunday - Thursday. Until 4 on Friday and Saturdays.

        24 Slices available for take out.

        We always deserved more than pizza pizza.

        1. re: Michael

          i *think* Derek is speaking of Amato's, which has many different pizzas on hand, all better than anything Pizza Pizza can produce. Amato's is definitely one of the better chains -- Mama's isn't bad as well.

          1. re: PattyCakes

            Before patronizing Amato's, you might want to search for more information about their business practices. I will no longer buy anything at Amato.

          2. re: Michael

            oops -- i suck at reading these posts -- that was Michael that said so, and he did say it was Amato's in the subject of his post... sorry 'bout repeating!

        2. re: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Chin-Unit!

          Amadio's pizza is yummy, home made & the smell in the shop is to die for..

          I went to Peroni's after the makeover (fall 06) good pizza, was there around lunch time good variety of takeout slices.

          1. re: MiniMom

            I'll second Amadio's pizza..I live nearby and order from there all the time..Yummy for when I don't make my own pizza. Also I find it's got great crust not greasy and yummy tomato sauce...........

        3. Anyone from Burlington/Oakville/Hamilton area? If so, what is your opinion on the best pizza place in these areas. I used to really like Checkers but, they seemed to have pulled back their presence about 3 years ago and the quality is not as goos as it used to be. For regular pizza, I go th Unlimited Toppings just off Guelph line between Mainway and Upper Middle Road.

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          1. re: wkeller

            I had Lugano's this weekend in downtown Burlington (sorry, I can't remember the exact address). It was really good, not greasy at all and their pizza sauce is perfect (tangy but not too sour or sweet). Plus, they're pretty cheap ($16 for 2 mediums... mmm)

            1. re: wkeller

              Hamilton - Favourite italian style is Romano's (, and traditional is the Attic in Stoney Creek.

              Burlington - Pane Fresco ( and the Pizzaville at Appleby/Upper Middle is actually really decent for a franchise as well.

            2. What about Peroni's Pizzeria, which was recently on Restaurant Makeover. Anyone been?

              1. Just saw the episode, can anyone follow up? As always i'm curious to see if the restaurant is still open, and if they kept or changed the menu. Massimo made some good suggestions, i like him he's much nicer than Lynn.

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                1. re: Little T

                  Any leads for the north end of Miss., e.g., Mavis/Derry? It's nothing but "cardboard crust" chain joints I pass on when I'm too pushed for time to make from scratch at home. Even Italian bakeries are scarce along the Miss/Brampton border!

                  1. re: Kagemusha

                    There's Alexandra's Place at Eglington and Dixie area (I think 5555 Eglinton). They are more of a sit down place, but make a good thin crust pizza

                    1. re: DDD

                      Also a great pizza

                      I visit the "Alexandra Hut" location at Hurontario & Hwy 10

                      Wood burning oven, thin crust, great pizza

                  2. re: Little T

                    We always order from Peroni's, have not gone wrong yet with any of our selections. Get the spelt crust though it has more flavour. Amadio's is also excellent but since they relocated to the Revus location a bit out of the way but if were in Port Credit we do stop by and pick it up.

                    1. re: MiniMom

                      I also like Peroni's, I am a fan of their Margherita pizza... Even comes with nice fresh bocconcini cheese etc

                      It's far from me so I don't make it there often but I enjoy the pizza every time

                      1. re: duckdown

                        Unfortunately we didn't have a good experience with Peroni's - it looked promising with thin crust and good looking toppings but on closer inspection the cheese had cooled and crusted and the wings looked like they sat under a heat lamp too long. I wonder if it was a delay in delivery as although I offered directions to my house as it is hard to locate - i was told they knew the way but the order took close to an hour. Maybe we will give them one more chance - would love to find good delivery pizza in Mississauga.

                        1. re: juliewong

                          I also like Amadio's in Port Credit. Great Canadian Pizza on Lakeshore is pretty good too.

                          Alexandra's does a good thin crust (not mind-blowing, but quite good) in a wood oven. I enjoy them though.

                    2. re: Little T

                      My wife and I went there in 2008. Once. 4 high school kids "working" there that evening. No adult manager. One kid laying/sleeping on one of the banquettes. Pasta served in one of those cheapie wooden salad bowls that most places give you to toss your wing bones in to. Food was crap. Service was crap. Atmosphere ... like we were intruding on the kid's time and space. NEVER going back there. Just another disappointing RMO restaurant.

                    3. I've not eaten at Terroni's so I can't compare the two, but most people I know who grew up in east Mississauga, including myself, swear by Marconi pizza at Cawthra/Burnhamthorpe. As far as I know, it's mostly take out though.

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                      1. re: ziggystardust

                        Is that the place in the little strip mall?

                        1. re: MiniMom

                          It's in a strip mall yes, right beside the Ukrainian church and alot of other Ukranian stores

                          Slices are good but not great -- cheese is regular grated variety, and its just a regular pizza oven

                          Nothing like a Terroni's or PL pizza from a wood oven

                          1. re: duckdown

                            Slices are definitely not their forte. Order a whole pizza for take out/delivery instead. I must qualify my opinion here, especially in light of the fact that I've yet to eat at Terroni, and that I grew up on it. Marconi is "old school" pizza. Kind of oily and sans chi chi toppings.