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Jul 22, 2003 04:03 PM

murtabak in TO?

  • k

Had it years ago in the hawker stations
of Singapore. Kind of a griddled meat crepe, Indian style. Reckon anything's locatable in Toronto. Anybody
recommend where I might find this?

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  1. NOW has a review of a retaurant called Coconut Village that serves this. But they advise to pass on it.

    1. Satay Ria at the Pacific Mall on Steeles makes it. They make good roti chanai and teh tarek and other Malaysian food.

      1. They have this at Satay Ria located in the Market Village (beside Pacific Mall) at Kennedy and Steeles.

        The murtabak is really good by the way....stay away from the chicken murtabak though. They use dark meat with LOTS of bones. On top of that, they don't give you alot of it. It's more of an apppetizer size. Try the beef brisket. It's good.