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Jul 22, 2003 01:26 PM

Junction Restaurants

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Hi guys,

I'm pulling together a quick list of Junction restaurants for a group of visitors staying in the Junction and looking for good food in the area - I've got

Axis Gallery & Grill
Bairrada Churrasqueira
Dupont BBQ Chicken (I can't even type it without my mouth watering!!!!)
El Camino
Jumbo Burgers
Somporn Thai
Soul Food

Any other suggestions that I should include?

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  1. I see that you've excluded the 2 Indian resaurants, good move, as I was very underwhelmed by both Curry Twist and North of Bombay. Soul Food is a great choice (and so cheap) if you can ever get there during their odd business hours. Don't forget the Caldense Bakery on Symington (great spicy salami sandwiches), Piri-Piri chicken next door, the Malta Bake shop, and homemade ice cream at the Treasury antiques store.


    BTW, Somporn--haven't tried the food, but best name ever!

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    1. re: Dan

      Best part about Somporn is it's right beside the Adult Depot... some porn after Somporn!

      thanks for the suggestions! I will add your recos...

      What should I suggest they try at the Malta Bake shop?

      1. re: lex

        The best are the pastizzis (sp?) at both maltese junction bakeries. I also agree that Piri-Piri does not hold a candle to Dupont BBQ, but I thought I'd mention it because there are others on the list that really aren't chowfind destinations if you're not geographically challenged, and it's so close to Caldense, my top pick of places not on your list.

      2. re: Dan

        So you'd say that Piri-Piri on Dupont is worth a visit, then? I've been to the Dupont BBQ and found the chicken to be a bit dry compared to the stuff on St Clair and places north.


      3. Don't forget: North of Bombay (East Indian) and Song Ha (Thai). Great family-run restaurants.

        1. Warning: food writer trolling for free ideas.

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          1. re: La Tex

            Not really...

            More accurately - food writer (editor of cheapeats toronto) trolling for a list of restaurants (not neccessarily cheapeats) to provide to her husband's Buddist Temple for out of town visitors staying near the temple (aka in the Junction).

            The temple has a very important Lama visiting who will be leading a bunch of teachings and announcing an international fund raiser to recover a bunch of lost texts.

            Sorry if this is a little defensive - I don't ever mean to mislead anyone! And thanks for the feedback so far!