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Kid restaurants

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We are looking for some restauants that 9 year olds would like. We are staying downtown at the Sheraton and will have transportation. The kids always order the same things; grilled cheese sandwich, pizza, fries etc. What we want is something that's interesting and FUN. They loved Gretzsky's and the Movenpick Marche. Does anyone have aby suggestions?

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  1. The Old Spaghetti Factory has been a mainstay of family restaurants for ages. Decor is really interesting for kids, they have carousel horses and cool stain glass and stuff.

    Plus it'll be really close to where you are staying. On the Esplanade, just east of Yonge St.

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      Actually went to the Spaghetti Factory for the first time in years, when a visiting sibling felt like a nostalgia kick (our parents used to take us there all the time when we were little, when we came to TO to visit our grandparents). It was like going into a time warp...and not in a bad. Nothing fancy, but not bad either, and a chance to relieve some happy memories (everything looked like we remembered, down to the menu and bowls).

    2. You could try

      Licks - 1900 Queen East in the Beaches - it's not really a "restaurant", it's a burger joint, but it's fun.

      Lakeview Lunch - 1132 Dundas St. W - Little Portugal - Tuesday's kids 12 and under eat free (as long as they are with one adult). Cool (read pierced and tattooed) servers in traditional diner atmosphere. Interesting neighbourhood too!

      The Beacher Cafe - 2162 Queen E - The Beach - big patio and kid menu.

      let us know where you do end up going and what the kids think!

      1. Kids I know like the Pickle Barrel at the Eaton Centre
        or The Rainforest Cafe at Yorkdale mall which might be too out of the way.

        1. Another option that's easy to get to by subway or car is one of the Greek restaurants on the Danforth between Chester and Pape station. A place like Omonia or Papas Grill would be a great place for kids. They have a large varied menu for adults and they have a kids menu. An older child may even find something that they will try from the adult's menu. Do make sure that someone at the table orders Saganaki for an appetizer--it's cheese in a pan that they set on fire before at your table.

          The other suggestions are good ones for kids as well. I took some kids to the old Spaghetti Factory two weeks ago. Frankly the food wasn't very good, but the kids liked it & the restaurant. Plus the staff were real pros dealing with children. It's still dirt cheap.

          Gregs ice cream on Bloor, near St George station, is one of Toronto's best places for ice cream. Kids love this place. I find that they enjoy having the option to put toppings like smarties or reese's penut butter cups for their ice cream.

          I really miss what used to be the best place in Toronto for kids, the Organ Grinder, although I can't complain about the Bier Markt that's taken its place.

          We've had another discussion about eating with kids in Torontoon this board, just follow this link:


          Another link to Omonia is below.

          Link: http://www.omoniarestaurant.com/menu....

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            ahhh....if it were still open...NOWHERE would beat the organ grinder restaurant on the esplanade....ahhh memories.
            id then have to say a good place for kids is the old spaghetti factory

            1. Thanks for the great suggestions! The Old Spaghetti Factory sounds like it will be one of our stops. I also like the idea of going to an interesting neighbourhood like Greektown or the Beaches. The kids saw Pappas Grille in a scene from the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (outside the travel agency window). They would probably love Greektown and the flaming cheese "Opa" thing. I'll let you know where we end up. Thanks!

              1. Hot dogs and fries from the truck parked across the street from the Sheraton. Pick the one that is not the Bratwurst wagon.

                Take out, walk and eat, pizza slices from Amato, in the multi-food-court market building just past Pizza Pizza on Queen Street West, a couple of blocks west of the hotel. Dozen choices to pick from.

                Mr. Greenjean's, at the Sears end of the Eaton Centre shopping mall, more or less across the street from the hotel. Burgers, big hot dogs, good chips, and generally good enough food to keep parents happy.

                Chicken or chicken and ribs, from Swiss Chalet. One SC is north of Dunda, on Yonge, a couple of blocks from the hotel. Another SC is on King Street West, between Simcoe and Duncan, next door almost to the Royal Alexandra Theatre and across from Roy Thomson Hall.

                Breakfast or lunch, at the Peel Pub, on King Street West, just west of Duncan Street. Low prices, good food, but it gets rowdy in the evenings. My eight year old likes it there.

                Go down the escalator from the lobby of the hotel and turn right, and you are into a network of tunnels that take you past lots of food courts, open during the week. Instead of turning, get off the escalator and go straight ahead down the long hall and into the basement of The Bay, for lots of takeout food that you can bring back to the hotel room for evening snacks.

                Pastry-type snacks (cake, muffins, big cookies) in the Starbucks in Chapters book store at Richmond and John, about four blocks from the hotel. It closes at 10 Sunday through Thursday and 11 on Friday and Saturday, and there's a good book section for kids. This is a good "before bed" treat place.

                And someone mentioned the Rainforest Cafe at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This is, in fact, easy to get to. Leave the hotel and walk west on Queen to University Avenue, and take the subway to Yorkdale station. It's a short walk through the mall to the Rainforest Cafe, where there are giant mechanical animals, excellent kid-friendly service, and, once again, decent food, too. We take my boy there for birthdays.