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Jul 21, 2003 04:38 PM

401 / Dixie - Square One, Mississauga Area

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I am in working in this area 2 or 3 days a week and would like any restaurant recommendations in the basic to moderate range. I like anything from "home cooking" to ethnic restaurants and anything in between. What are people's favourites and the hidden little gems in this area?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dixie Park Centre
    1150 South Gateway Road (I believe south of Eglinton)

    very good Chinese food (...Japanese and Korean too)....we have nothing like this in Scarborough. They serve the food freshly cooked in woks....high quality stuff for reasonable prices

    1. Whenever I get the urge to splurge on an Indian buffet, I usually head to Sangam (Hurontario and Kilwin, about a block north of Dundas). Large selection, most of it pretty tasty, selection seems to change (have been happiest when there have been 3-4 paneer dishes to choose from)

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        Continuing with the Indian -- I like the chaats at Bombay Bhel alot. Makes for a perfect snack, or even a light lunch. My only request would be for larger portions, but for the price (~4-5$), that might be an unreasonable request.

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          in the same mall is aladdins. a halal joint w/awsome shawarma at $3.99. and i think their falfels are $2.99. but be warned: their serice is horrible! it seems like you're inconvinienceing THEM by going there.