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Jul 21, 2003 10:02 AM

Port Credit

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What do the Mississauga chowhounds recommend in Port Credit? Snug Harbor is popular -- is it any good?

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  1. Never been to snug harbour, but on saturday, i went to this place called Hooks (i think). its on the north side, about 4 blocks west of hurontario. its on the right side of the river. This joints nice and small. They specialize in spicey fair. I had the crab cakes for an app (okay), my sister had the escargot (real nice). for the entree i had the voodoo steak pasta (its alright). When i went last christmas, i ordered the blackened catfish which was really really good. uhm, dessert, they have this interesting peanut butter pie which has a little spiceyness to it. sweet then hot - well, not hot, but warm. uhh... yeah, the food service is a little on the slow side cuz theres only room in the kitchen for three cooks, and they claim that they do things ala minute so... oh and a reservatoins recommended. its pseudo popular.

    1. Never been there myself, but here's a positive review of VanGo, a Dutch (!) restaurant in Port Credit...


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        i hear the greek joint "Colossus" has really good food. I really enjoy the Great Canadian Pizza place which is also in Port Credit

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          My family's been going to Dutch Kitchen/VanGO for 30 years!! The food's great!

          The review from the Star was wonderful, but I have to disagree with the author about the Indonesian food. I've always liked it, although I agree, it could be done better. However, I've never been disappointed!

          ~exception~ there was a time when they'd done something with the croquette recipe and they weren't as good, but they've gone back to whatever they were doing before, and they're great again.

          I also recommend their iced tea. The serve the best in town.

        2. Two places that are definite favourites in Port Credit are Breakwater Restaurant at The Waterside Inn ( and Aielli's ( Both are probably the best restaurants in the area.

          For more of mid-level restaurant Snug Harbour is your best bet.

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            anyone been here? its on the west side of the river. its on some side street on the lake side of lakeshore. i drove by and it looked nice and quaint.