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Jul 17, 2003 08:12 AM

St. Lawrence Market

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Hi.. I am new to Toronto and heard that any foodie needs to check out St. Lawrence Market. Is it true that fruits and veggies and other food items are only available on Saturday? Whats there the rest of the week?

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  1. Hi there, Welcome to Toronto!

    The Farmer's Market side is only open on Saturdays (it is located in the North Building) There are a few fruit/vegetable dealers in open in the South Building all week, but, they are just not as good! The South Building also offers a number of butchers, fish mongers, all kinds of cheeses, bakeries and other wonderful things.

    Some things to check out in the south building, the rice guy downstairs, Alex Farms, Carousel Bakery (for both peameal sandiwches and bread), Caviar Direct and St. Urban Bagels. But really, pretty much everything is wonderful. The farmer's market side has a great selection of fresh fruit & veg, butchers and other vendors. If you go really early on a Saturday (think before 7) the market is not as busy, and you get to see probably one of my favourite things about Toronto.

    Enjoy, and again, welcome to Toronto!

    1. You may also want to check out Kensington Market which mainly starts off the west side of Spadina Ave. between Dundas and College.

      They have fresh fish, cheeses, and alot of ethnic influences (mainly Caribbean, Latin, Portugese, Chinese)

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        Agreed. Kensington and the St Lawrence are fun places to visit. In Kensington try some cheese (like smoked esrom) at Cheese Magic on Baldwin. The bakery on the other side of European meat makes quite good breads, espeacially the Portuguese buns.

        And if you are interested in Asian foods, take a look at the grocery stores on Spadina both south and north of Dundas, as well as along Dundas. I found the ABC Ketjap Manis that I have been coveting at New Asia Farm.

        1. re: Goober

          The south market is at its best in the summer when the produce is local. Beautiful bunches of fresh flowers are intermitently sold along the east wall. Favourite items - the best peanut butter at the north west stall. Sterling butter at the cheese spot at the south entrance and the fresh eggs.
          The south side, as well as the rice spot mentioned in a previous posting - puff pastry and frozen bags of fruit downstairs near the north west corner. Upstairs, Whitehouse for exotic meats like buffalo. Alex's for European cheeses. They also own the Cheese Monger along the west wall where a great variety of Quebec farmhouse cheeses are available.
          Incidentally, Mike's will poach seafood for you for the counter price, if the quantity makes it worhwhile (a whole salmon). Hope this helps.

        2. The South market is open all week (closed Sunday/Mon)
          The Farmers Marker (good for fruit + veggies) is open
          only on Saturdays

          1. The South market is open all week (closed Sunday/Mon)
            The Farmers Marker (good for fruit + veggies) is open
            only on Saturdays