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Jul 16, 2003 06:06 PM

Veal Sandwiches

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Where's your BEST pick?

(OTHER than California Sandwiches...)

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  1. Commisso Brothers - 8 Kincourt St.

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    1. re: mg

      I love a well made veal sandwich.

      Many places that offer veal sandwiches have a problem with cooking the meat tender enough to eat. When the veal is rubbery, I can't bite through it and sometimes I'll get frustrated and end up pulling half the veal right out of the sandwich onto my lap. Even places that have usually have tender sandwiches blow it every once in a while and serve up a piece of rubber. It seems to me the trick is to find places that can cook the veal with consistency. Then one needs to look at the bun and the other toppings.

      My favourite veal sandwich in Toronto used to come from the Alpine Hut on Yonge at Briar Hill, but it closed down in 1988. They made a pretty basic Austrian-style wienerschnitzel on a solid bun and, boy, was it good. Country Style Hungarian makes the most consistently tender wienerschnitzel that I've eaten recently, but I haven't tried their sandwich yet.

      If you want Italian veal sandwiches, then there are more options. The problem is that I haven't found many that have the consistency of tender veal plus the good toppings. I haven't tried either Commisso Brothers or California Sandwiches yet.

      The ones I have found that come close and stay in the four to seven dollar range are Papamios at Manning and Dupont, the original San Francesco's on Clinton south of College, Boccone's at Yonge and Rosehill & Mustacio's downstairs at the St Lawrence Market.

      Papamios' sandwiches are tender, but their sauce is a bit runny, almost like like saucy light ragu. When you get the spicy sauce the small peppers are quite piquant. I enjoy more the more tomatoey sauces of both San Francesco and Boccone but sometimes they can suffer from veal that is not cooked properly. Boccone has been having this problem a bit too much recently. If you don't like back bacon sandwiches, then a veal one from Mustacio's is a good option for a bite to eat at the market.

      Off the top of my head the veal sandwich that I strongly recommend staying away from is offered at the "Italian" place next to the Court Jester, south of St Clair on Yonge. Don't remember their name, but their veal sandwich was not good.

      Let us know what you find

      1. re: mikeb

        i have a fatal weakness for mustachio's sandwiches...once a month, i have to drag myself down for one...

        1. re: james

          OK, so we all know California Sandwiches will always be THE BEST!!! But, the one downstairs from St. Lawrence Market is pretty darn good as well.

          1. re: evelyn

            Hi, I am new to the site so apologies for a bit late response. While I concur that Mustachio's makes a good veal sandwich, my first choice is Centro di Fromaggio on St.Clair (just west of Dufferin). It is a small Italian deli with a hot lunch counter and a small dining room at the back. The hot food is available only till about 2:30. Their veal sandwiches are basic, not overloaded with stuff (my bit of annoyance at Mustachio's), with a good cut veal, delicious tomato sauce, and some extras. The bread is fresh Italian bun. Their other lunch choices include rice balls (excellent with tomato sauce), some pasta, sauteed greens on the side etc. Really basic Italian, well done, no frills. Prices very cheap. The space is very authentic, not pretentious, not designed for tourists.

            1. re: kasia

              Mustachio's is the best after all these years. choose the foccacia bread and, if you are a hungered fool, get your sammich with a slice of friend eggplant.

              1. re: atomeyes

                Mustachio's sandwhiches are always great when one prefers quantity over flavour.

        2. re: mikeb

          If the weather is good, I much prefer San Francesco (on Clinton) over California Sandwiches. Somehow their sandwich is slightly drier -- they're really crusty buns, but the combination of oil and tomato sauce somehow tends to saturate the California sandwich more than the San Francesco sandwich.

          The weather really makes a big difference. San Francesco is a hole-in-wall store, whereas California Sandwiches has at least a place to sit. I like to drive or bike by San Francesco, and then head for a park.

          (I know that the Toronto tradition is to get a San Fran sandwich, and take it upstairs to the Monarch Tavern next door for a beer, but since I don't drink, I feel self-conscious doing this for a ginger ale!)

          The other deciding factor is in the last 3 or 4 times I've been to California Sandwiches (in the past 3 or 4 years) is that I've never been able to get my sandwich in less than 15 minutes (and commonly 20 minutes). Some may find the homemade slow cooking charming, but the decor is nothing to make me want to wait.

          I really miss the San Francesco that used to be at Bathurst and King! The branch at Coxwell near O'Connor is a bit out of the way. I may have to remember more frequently that there's a branch on Queen Street East in the Beaches -- and it does provide seating and full service -- but somehow the Clinton Street branch always seems to taste better.

          1. re: divirtual

            I like to eat my San Francesco sandwich on one of the of benches at College & Grace. A great location to people watch as you spill tomato sauce on your shirt. It seems that most of the San Francesco's around the city have closed up shop. I wonder what happened? I used to frequent the on up at Yonge & St Clements, but it too is no more.

            I haven't had any California Sandwiches in little Italy, but they were very quick at their St. Clair location. And those sandwiches were really good.

            1. re: mikeb

              Man, you cant compare San Fran's to California Sandwiches as far as taste, atmosphere and quanity goes. I love getting the doubble meat steak sandwich, with cheese and onions from CAlifornia's on Clinton St. I've tried both, and I can say that i seems sanfran uses a lower grade cut of beef. Also, the counter staff at san fran are a bit moody and look as though they dont appreciate the buisness, plus they dont have the option to upgrade to doubble meat.

              1. re: Slylie

                When it comes to the veal sandwich I can compare the two and I do, although not for atmosphere. San Francesco has no atmosphere, it's a store rather than a sit down place.

                The size of sandwich isn't a problem for me and as for the quality of meat or way in which the meat is cooked the unfortunate fact is that I've had at least one tough sandwich at every place I've mentioned. Their sauces are quite different, San Francescos is thicker, more tomatoey.

                When I'm on College in Little Italy and I want a veal sandwich I usually choose it over California Sandwiches. I buy a hot one and then I leave. And if you see a guy on that bench I mentioned with tomato sauce on his shirt that is me.

                When I'm up on St Clair near Dufferin, I head right for the California Sandwiches. And when I'm at the St Lawrence Market I have a Mustacios veal sandwich (I avoid eggplant) and wish that San Francesco or California would open up a shop there.

            2. re: divirtual

              we moved to winterpeg several years ago and can't find any veal san fran veals...or anything even close. does anyone have a possible recipe so i can attempt to make one at home. i've tried several times to make one but they just don't come close...either too tough..wrong taste.....somebody help me please!!!!!!!

          2. re: mg

            Went to Papamios' yesterday and was very disappointed. Runny sauce and not a whole lot of veal. I have tried and strongly recommend California Sandwich or San Franciscos.

          3. I don't eat veal sandwiches very often, so I'm probably no expert, but I like the ones from Mustachio's at the St. Lawrence Market (south market, downstairs).

            1. Sinopoli foods make a good veal similar to the ones from San Franceso foods. It's on the east side of Jane north of Wilson.

              1. I haven't posted on here before, but felt I needed to share my expertise and passion on the subject in this particular case. I love a good veal sandwich and have sampled them from around Toronto and beyond. In my opinion, Rocco's Plum Tomato
                on The Queensway in Etobicoke is the best in Toronto. Fresh Italian bun, generous homemade sauce, sauteed onions, sweet peppers, extra hot peppers, and a good sized piece of just cooked lightly breaded veal is just about right. I can go either way on mushrooms, eggplant, and cheese as further options. Nobody does that even close to as well as Rocco's. I very much wish the place in the lower level of St. Lawrence market could compare, as I live next to it, but it just doesn't. Not even close.

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                1. re: neville

                  Thanks for reviving a five-year-old thread to make your first post but I'd look forward to a fresh thread about your veal sandwich adventures, especially given your expertise and passion. Oh, and welcome to Chowhound!

                  1. re: JamieK

                    LOL, I was thinking the very same thing JamieK.

                    1. re: millygirl

                      Yikes! An old thread indeed. Talk about old memories. I hadn't been to California Sandwiches on Claremont and talk of a San Francesco's on St Clair (now Miami's). Seems like an eternity.

                      1. re: mikeb

                        the veal sandwich at brasiliano on dundas is pretty rad too. my all time fave is san francesco though.

                      2. re: millygirl

                        Thirded. Ridiculous.

                        Also, thank you evelyn for confirming (haha, 5 years ago now) that we all know California is the best. I guess I missed the boat on that one, but it's good to know we all are in agreement on this. Phew.

                        Also, anyone that ranks Mustachio's at all in this category.......yikes.

                  2. North Pole Bakery on Danforth. Done.

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