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Jul 15, 2003 12:01 PM

Reasonably priced casual restaurant in the Club district

  • k

A few friends and I are planning on celebrating a few of our birthdays with a night out, and wanted to start the evening with dinner. We're looking for somewhere in the club district that is reasonably casual (patio preferable), reasonably priced (i.e. maximum entree price approx. $20) and that has great food (NOT Milestone's please). We would also like to try something other than Indian. I would appreciate suggestions.


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    Toronto Chowgirl

    If you scroll down to the thread re: Queen/Spadina, thre's a few suggestions. I would suggest Peter Pan on the corner of Queen/Peter as well. They've got outdoor space out back and the booths inside are a nice size. Entrees are always solid, not mind blowing cuisine, but definitely within your price range and the atmosphere will be a good start for your evening out with friends.