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Jul 15, 2003 09:37 AM

German Food Store

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Wondering if anyone knows of a good german food store..or swiss etc. i'm looking for this dry knorr curry catsup of sorts. it is amazing on sausage.

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  1. There is a pretty good German food store (don't know the name)on Jutland Road off Kipling near the Queensway. It's next door to the European Meats @ Sausage store.

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      It's called "the Food Depot" and it has by far the best selection of cheeses I have ever seen as well as many German and European products.

    2. Brandt Meat Packers (1878 MATTAWA AVE, Mississauga)
      has a factory outlet store which stocks a HUGE variety of German and European foods - from sausages & cold cuts to cheeses to condiments.
      It's just west of Hwy 427 off of Dundas St. W.
      The store is only open from Wednesday to Sunday 7am to 7pm

      1. The Hungarian Elizabeth Delicatessen & Meat Market on Bloor has lots of dry soup, stews and other packets from Hungary, Austria and other countries in Central Europe. You might want to give them a call.

        Elizabeth Delicatessen & Meat Market
        410 Bloor Street West
        Phone: 416-921-8644

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          Oh, I forgot the Tüske Delicatessen. They are just west of Elizabeth Deli on the other side of Bathurst. I don't know what they've got as I haven't been in there for a while, but you could call them too.

          Tüske Delicatessen
          586 Bloor St. W
          Tel:(416) 588-8014

        2. I know the Cheese Boutique on Ripley (Queensway and South Kingsway) sells Knorr stuff and if they don't have it, I'd be surprised. They have every sauce condiment imaginable I'd say.


          1. I was wondering if anyone knows where "Bebivita Kinder Fenchel Tee" in Toronto ?