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Jul 13, 2003 09:31 PM


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Discovered a good Malaysian restaurant on 389 Roncesvalles Ave, just south of Howard Park. The food is delicious and the owners are nice and helpful with suggestions. The name is Coconut Village Restaurant and the # is 416-536-7111.

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  1. HI!
    I have never been there and have wanted to go.

    Do they have a website?? How would you rate the food? Is the chef Malaysian?
    Leah S.

    1. I think that the best Malaysian restaurant is one completely off the beaten restaurant path - its called Ristorante Malaysia. Its located way North, at the southeast corner of Bayview and Elgin Mills. The prices are extremely reasonable, but as with most Asian restaurants, I suggest going with at least six people so that you can try many of their dishes. I wholeheartedly recommend the trip!

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      1. re: Karim

        It's the Southeast corner of Bayview and Major Mac, actually.

        1. re: Karim

          I went to Restoran Malaysia last night in Richmond Hill, and sorry to say I was very disappointed. The decor was less than desireable. The food was less than mediocre. The spring rolls were small and nothing much inside, the Pineapple Fried Rice took 40 minutes to get to the table and the rice was soft with little bits of shrimp and chicken. I've had amazing Malaysian food in New York City, so I guess I'm a tough critic. I would not go again, though the staff was nice, the food took forever to arrive. However on a positive note, their extra spicey shrimp hot sauce is amazing, they make it themselves. I think I would go back to buy a bottle of the hot sauce and that's about it. And... for those considering dinner there, there is no liquor license.

          1. re: Chloe

            I agree.

            I went there last month and I was not thrilled by the cuisine. The food was okay, but not great. Maybe, I ordered the wrong dishes...

        2. Hi Roma

          I ordered from Coconut Village when it first opened--I live nr. Roncy--and I wasn't overwhelmed. Mind you, we may have ended up with too many Thai-mode items, to be fair...

          But, I'm willing to try again, based on your post. What do you recommend?

          1. Nothing beats the Rendang Beef at Matahari Grill.


            1. I would kill for some authentic char kuey teow...kill I tell you.

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              1. re: Shane

                There's a place in the food court at First Markham Place called Merlion Dynasty. First Markham is on Number 7 between Warden and Woodbine.

                Merlion Dynasty makes what they call Penang Fried Kway Teow. It looks and tastes a lot like what you're looking for. It's as good as any that I've had in Toronto. I wouldn't drive across the city to go there, but if you're in the neighbourhood or going up the 404 you might want to stop and give it a try. The 4.60 price is pretty good. I like their fried chicken wing appetizer. Their nasi goreng sure tastes like the real thing.

                Do you know where to get good chicken rice?