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Jul 13, 2003 04:11 PM

thoughts on Milestones...

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I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Restaurant on John (near Chum City Building) called Milestone's.

Do any of you know if it's for ONLY 19+?? Or can anyone go?

Is the food decent?

Do any of you recommend this restaurant?

I'm thinking of taking a bunch of my friends there for my birthday next week. Just wondering if it's worth while.

Thanks guys!

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  1. not a big fan, but i do believe anyone can eat there, and if you must go to this formerly trendy touristy chain, reliable sources tell me their brunch is quite good.

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    1. re: dan

      Basically the Milestones on John is great for the patio fri and sat nights, the drinks are good, but the service is horrible. I only go for drinks.. not the best place to take someone for their birthday. I was told it would only take one hour for a table, we waited two and a half.

      1. re: jennski

        i wouldn't suggest this spot for food at all...maybe the asian lettuce wraps. we were there last week and the salmon fillet was full of bones and almost raw still (i like sushimi but come on!) and the prime rib was mooing still.

        the drinks were good though

        1. re: alli
          Mississauga Matt

          Just to be clear on the "drinks are good" sentiments, the mixed drinks may be good, but the beer selection stinks. How any establishment that fancies itself as upscale can offer such a lame selection of macros and counterfeit-macros-posing-as-micros is beyond me.

          Go across the road to Smokeless Joe's for arguably the city's best beer selection.

    2. For a different drink at Milestones, try the Bellini's. It is an iced drink served in a Martini glass.....ingredients Champagne, booze and a has a funky orange/red colour to it. I'm a beer drinker but I like them for a change.

      The beer selection is truly weak and dissapointing. The Palomino or whatever it is has been bad the few times I've tried it.

      The place is always hoping on the weekend so it is great for a busy atmosphere.

      1. If you don't want to wait a long time at the downtown location, they also have one at Empress Walk on Yonge, north of Sheppard (across from Mel Lastman Square). If you're taking the subway, get off at North York Centre and it's on the street level of the mall.