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Jul 11, 2003 12:39 PM

"Gang of 8" plans 8 days of ethnic grazing across T.O.

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We're looking outside the Downtown/Mid-Town T.O. core for dim sum, tapas, mezes, and other noshing-type foods from a variety of ethnic restaurants. We need many restaurant or specific food suggestions.

Ideally, we would like to have a series of "progressive" lunches/dinners, sampling food from 2 or more restaurants during each mealtime. This sort of limits us to appetizer-type foods or orders that can be split easily between two or more people. We are particiularly looking for new ethnic food challenges.

We decided to form our "Gang of 8" so that we could occupy a full table at dim sum restaurants, or split into groups at restaurants with smaller tables. On an earlier trip to T.O. we concentrated on the Downtown/Mid-Town core, and that "grazing" experiment went well.

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  1. Great Folks,
    Do write-up. I will be doing some trips to YYZ in the coming months - A comprehensive overview is lng due :)

    1. I'm not sure how far north your "mid-town" goes but here are a few suggestions:
      1. Mezzes (sp?) on St. Clair just west of Bathurst... nothing but appetizers, cheap & food is good (mid-Eastern)
      - also a Mexican place nearby El Palenque but I have not tried it
      2. Edo-ko in Forest Hill Village for sushi is good
      3. Banfi also in the village has great pizza, all 8 of you could split one for a little snack
      4. 7 Numbers at Eglinton/Avenue has great Italian way beyond the usual pasta/pizza, also ultra-laid back and sells food as individual items not as plates so might work for you

      1. I'm not sure how far outside the core you're looking, but way out here in Etobicoke, on Bloor just east of Royal York, is a restaurant called Barcelona which has excellent tapas.

        Plus, they have an extensive list of unusual desserts.

        I'm waiting for another excuse to eat there!

        1. The dim sum at the Ambassador (Hwy 7 between Bayview and Leslie) is very good. I especially like the tapioca pudding with crispy topping for dessert (I don't know the English name for this -- just the Chinese pronunciation (sigh migh boe deep)).