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Jul 9, 2003 10:22 PM

food handlers

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this might sound petty, but I would like other peoples opinions.
embarassing as it may seem, I was at ikea (hell) yesterday and I was starving. I decided to have a hot dog. I ordered, the woman at the cash took my money, gave me my change and then picked up a bun with her bare hands. At this time I told her I wanted her to wash her hands and give me a new one that was only touched by tongs.
is that wrong? I think she was offended.

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  1. Absolutely not. That's a matter of hygeine.

    When I was younger, I saw a lady cough and cover her mouth with her hand. Then she used that same hand to pick up my hamburger bun. I didn't say anything cause I was embarassed. After eating the burger, my throat started to get sore. After that, never again.....

    1. is that wrong?!!! never! we as consumers and also as cooks should be aware of what we do before picking up food, one can never wash their hands enough when it comes to the public health.

      1. This boggles my mind!!!! Michael, you were 100% right. I would have (and indeed have in similar circumstances) done the same thing. Was it a hot dog cart or the in-house snack bar? Because if it was the Ikea snack-bar, I might have taken it one step further and notified the manager of the unhygienic manner in which their staff is handling food.