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Jul 8, 2003 03:20 AM

looking for some suggestions

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My wife and I will be in Toronto in August for about 5 days.

We'll be staying in the Richmond Hill area. Have access to a car/driver so we can travel a bit, but of course the closer the better.

Looking for recommendations for the following:

1) Korean restaurant that's highly recommended and cheap, serves those tofu pots, as well as zhang zang myun (fried black bean + meatsauce over noodles). Must have a good variety of kim chee (appetizer mini dishes).

2) A reasonably priced but authentic sushi place, preferably run by Japanese people. I'm not your california roll, maguro, hamachi only kinda person. Looking for variety (also freshness): ankimo, anago, aji, tai, shima aji, etc they serve fresh wild salmon up there? :-)

One of my relatives lives in the Scarborough area. Any good, really popular recommended Asian places there (Japanese, Korean etc)?

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  1. for korean, you should venture down to bloor street and christie. this is our little korea.
    a restaurant that I have frequented for some time is Il BunJi.
    i dont have the number, but if you go to I am sure you will find it. they are the best.
    sushi, you might want to try hiro sushi on king street.
    I can get you the info if you need.

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      If you're in Richmond Hill, there is a fantastic Sushi place close to Leslie/Hwy 7. It's called Sushi Garden, and is hidden among standard cookie cutter restaurants (i.e. Jack Astor's, Alice Fazooli's, The Keg, etc.) I highly recommend it. Great prices, fantastic quality.

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        Don't forget about Little Korea II on Yonge from Sheppard to Steeles (and a little north). There's a korean resto in a plaza near the northwest corner of Yonge & Steeles that's highly recommended. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to try it. Perhaps someone here has and can comment.

        As for Japanese, Adoe on Yonge near Elgin Mills (Richmond Hill)is quite good. We are no longer regulars there since hubby now prefers Taste of Japan on Woodbine in Markham. Taste of Japan is by no means authentic Japanese but the teppanyaki is excellent value for the money.

        1. re: shan

          The teppanyaki dinners there are probably the best in the city. And the value for the money is really good. $20-25 gets you the full deal: scallops, shrimp, filet mignon, sea bass, really good fried rice, stir-fried veggies and something like chop suey. Yes, all that in one meal. I love going there. It's worth the drive.

        2. re: michael

          Il Bun Ji - 668 Bloor St.W. - 416.534.7223

          Also check out
          Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu - 691 Bloor St.W. - 416.537.0972 - for Korean soft tofu stew... it's all they serve and it's excellent.

        3. t

          If you want Japanese food and lots of it, I can highly recommend a few places. My husband & I frequently visit 2 Japanese buffet restaurants, both owned by the same people. One is Shintori which is located in a hotel on Charles Street, just east of Yonge and south of Bloor. The other is Sakura which is in the 'burbs on Don Mills Road, about halfway between York Mills & Lawrence. Shintori is small but Sakura is huge. The best time to visit Shintori is Friday & Saturday for dinner because that's when they have a lot of sashimi. Otherwise, it's mostly a variety of sushi. We also discovered an Asian buffett restaurant which serves Japanese, Korean & Chinese food. Inexpense and huge. I'm afraid I don't remember the name but it's on Steeles Avenue East, just west of Victoria Park on the north side of Steeles. Let me know if you visit any of these places while in T.O. next month.
          As well, if you're into vegetarian food, there's a really good place (my parents eat there ALL the time) called Graceful. It's in the Pacific Mall at Kennedy & Steeles, in the strip plaza at the far end. Great food!

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            I ate at Shintori once. It was several years ago. It was godawful! I wouldn't touch any of their raw fish if I were you. And everything else, wilting under the heat lamp, was pretty sad.

            Perhaps they've improved since, especially after NOW's savage review of the restaurant?