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Jul 7, 2003 11:51 AM

Thai groceries in Toronto?

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Hi all.

I just wonder if anyone knows where I can find grocery stores which sell fresh herbs like galangal and kaffir lime leaves etc. Are there thai groceries in Toronto (or Richmond hill, markham etc?)

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Have you checked out T&T at the Promenade? It is mainly Chinese but their selection of other Asian foodstuffs is quite extensive.

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    1. re: shan

      I think T&T mostly have Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese stuff. That's because they are run by Taiwanese? I don't think I've seen fresh kaffir lime leaves there.
      Thanks for mentioning though. :)

      1. re: Tyatt

        Last time I was there I saw fresh kaffir lime leaves but that was the first time since they opened that I remember seeing them so they do carry them but sporadically I think.

        1. re: Bort

          The grocery stores in the southeast-asian "China" town at Broadview and Gerrard carries all kinds of fresh Thai and Vietnamese herbs. and I believe they carry kaffir lime leaves too. Ask around and try several stores - there's a big one on Gerrard east of Broadview that has a huge selection of herbs - way more than I can identify.

          1. re: julesrules

            The grocer right on Broadview, east side, just south of Gerrard is where I go for ingredients. I find that asking questions is fruitless.

            1. re: julesrules

              I have never not seen Thai basil, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves at those stores on Gerrard just east of Broadview. You definitely need to know what you're looking for when you go in (i.e. know what the ingredients look like) because no one there will likely be able to answer your questions. Google images is your friend here.

          2. re: Tyatt

            I believe T&T is a BC chain. I'm not sure if they're owned by Taiwanese or not. I have seen Thai/Vietnamese items there. I saw either kaffir lime leaves or curry leaves there. I don't remember which.

            Good luck!

          3. re: shan

            I just arrived to TO from Hongcouver where I used to shop at T&T when I could not find my ingredients at the supermarkets in little Vietnam on Victoria near Kingsway. T&T is so expensive compared to those shops, but in a pinch I have found most of what I need for my Thai cooking at T&T when I have had to.

            Now I am in Brampton for a couple of months and I am wondering, without having to haul ass downtown, where the closest Asian supermarkets would be for me. I will be limited to taking the bus, so heading out to Scarborough is out of the question and going downtown is not preferrable (for groceries).

            Most importantly I need Kaffir limeleaves (Kaffirs themselves would be a total bonus), wild ginger (krachai), and bird chilis. I can find lemongrass at the Superstore easy enough, and although there is a difference when eating galangal compared with ginger, for cooking purposes I do not find much of a difference that I must have galangal.

            any suggestions are appreciated.

            1. re: naphelge

              I have never seen kaffir limes anywhere in Toronto, and I've looked extensively. Here in Ottawa, they're all over the place. Wild ginger should be available in Toronto, but is more difficult to find than galangal. I find the differences between galangal and ginger to be dramatic... especially in tom kha gai and curry pastes.

          4. I have seen kaffir lime leaves at places like magnolia on college street, sometimes at harvest wagon, and sometimes at pusateri's. call them first.
            your best bet is in chinatown,
            galangal, banana leaves, kaffir etc. are all there. sometimes you have to go to 2 or 3 places.
            start on spadina north of queen street and walk up the east side. there are several stores that I have purchased these items at before. make sure to check the frozen sections as well.

            1. Hi, i'm moving to TO soon from BC. So where can i find a Thai groceries in Toronto?

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              1. re: Dala

                Just about any Chinese supermarket in town.