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Jul 4, 2003 12:35 PM

Entertainment District

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I am looking to take my boyfriend out for dinner for his birthday, and then to go see a show. Any tips on great romantic restaurants with great food in the theatre district? I am looking to spend no more than about $100-$150 for dinner.

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  1. Monsoon! Monsoon! Monsson!-a gorgeous restaurant with great, very unique asian/fusion cuisine. Address-100 Simcoe St, (416)979-7172

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    1. re: Bram

      Agree with the choice - but book for a 'very' early sitting. Fine dining takes time and you want to savour. There won't be time for their tasting menu, for example.
      And tell the server what time you need to be out.
      But you'll also be pushing the high end of your price range - it's not cheap.

      1. re: estufarian

        how about "the fifth"?
        There is always crush or even brassai.
        bymark would also be a nice choice, for the architecture and especially the food.

        1. re: michael

          The Fifth will definitely exceed your price point, and probably Bymark too. The others are further from the theatres so you'll have to start really early.

          1. re: estufarian

            just go to kit kat, it is fun the food is always tasty and the price is right

    2. I am always amazed at why ANYBODY would want to go out to a "swell" dinner, spend all that money ($150), and
      then either fall asleep or feel uncomfortable at a show(remember, you are doubled over in your seat)...Better to go to a matinee and then eat out afterwards...