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Jul 3, 2003 05:16 PM

Peach Ice-Cream

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I'm searching for an ice-cream vendor in the city that offers peach flavoured ice-cream; preferably in the downtown area. NO frozen yoghurt or iced milk concoctions. Only the real deal will do. Laura Secord once offered it, but not for years now.


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    That joint on Bloor and Avenue (i think, across from the ROM) The place w/the roasted marshmellow flavor. I *think* I've seen it there. Someone'll know the name.

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      That's Greg's across from the ROM, their ice cream is quite good. There's a place at Dundas and Keele called the Treasury, which is mostly an antiques store in a great old building, that also serves about 6 homemade (and other mass-produced) flavours, which change every month or so....I've had green apple and blueberry, both were excellent. They may do peach if you request it.