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Jul 2, 2003 04:23 PM


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are there any really good vegetarian restaurants out in toronto? i mean some "knock me off my feet" ones with very innovative food/menus, different, but still very good....i know i may be asking a lot, but i feel its if any of you know of really great vegetarian (or vegan) restaurants, please tell! thanks a lot!

ps. i have been to le commensal (sp.) off bay, already

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  1. Fressen. The only decent vegetarian (with many vegan options) restaurant I've found in Toronto that doesn't feel like a depressing tofu-and-incense dump or a juice bar geared to pseudo-surfers. Nice decor, hip vibe, cool Queen Street West location. And they take their cuisine extremely seriously.

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      andrea aster

      You'd love Fressen on Queen-vegan/continental food.
      Also, of course, Juice for Life. It's pretty basic, but their miso gravy is great on anything.

      1. I haven't been for over a year but Accolade in the Crown Plaza downtown used to have a 7 course tasting menu that was all vegetarian... we're talking high-end special occasion dining but it was great!!

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          Accolade seems to be closed, or suffering from some other post-SARS syndrome.

        2. Fressen was okay the one time I went, nice atmosphere and I imagine it would be a nice special occasion place for veggies. But as a non-vegetarian, Juice for Life on Bloor is the place I go just for the taste of it.

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            beverley fainer

            Vegan Chinese
            Lotus Pond on Midland
            Very extensive menu, and great dim sum at lunch
            Always busy