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Jul 2, 2003 11:57 AM

Ribs/Ribfest at Centennial Park

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I went to the Ribfest in Centennial Park last Friday. I had a great time. I went with a group of friends. I have never been to a ribfest before but I enjoyed. Apparently the ribs were very expensive.........$19 for a full rack. I love the ribs at Swiss Chalet.

Any rib recos in toronto?

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  1. Try Phil's (formerly DiPamo's) on College at Ossington. I've also heard good things about Montana's (several locations) ribs, although I've never tried them myself. Also, the Ribfest circuit will probably make a few more stops in the GTA this summer. Keep your eyes (and nose) on the lookout.

    Word of warning about Swiss Chalet: they parboil their ribs before grilling, which makes for a chewier, less flavorful rib. The best (only) way to cook ribs is slowly over low heat; a good rib joint will advertise this fact.

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      I agree, you can taste the parboiled flavour in Swiss Chalet's ribs. We had ribs from the Louisiana Smokehouse, they were very good, smokey flavour, tender meat with an excellent tangy sauce. The beans and slaw weren't bad either. Next year I'm going to graze and sample 'em all.

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      Have been to Rib-fest for the third year and the food is exceptional for that type of gathering. But once again no attempt to re-cycle anything. With all our current problems a few simple measures could be implemented at little or no cost.

      1. I had some tasty ribs at Armadillo's on Front and University/Simcoe, resonable value for a full rack.

        Phil's doesn't give you much for a large order, I don't think they even sell full racks, but the flavour and beans is what you go for there. They definately slow cook and smoke em damn well!