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Jun 28, 2003 04:50 PM

A Tea Inquiry

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I really like tea, however, at this point my repetoire consists mostly of the various kinds of Twinings I can get my hands on. I'd really like to know of a place where I could get some good proper tea, not new-agey herbal junk with licorice or spiced orange...Also, I have an irrational dislike of Dinah's Cupboard, so any recommendations besides that would be great.

My second, related, question is whether or not anyone is aware of any tea rooms in Toronto. Preferably not ritzy ones because I'm seventeen and my rough-looking friends may not make a terribly good impression...Thanks!

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  1. I've been to Capital Tea on Yonge just north of Lawrence. They have a very good selection. I had been looking for lapsang souchong for the longest time and could not find it in any of the chinese stores.

    I believe there is also a tea shop in Rosedale but I don't remember the name.



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      I second the Capital Tea advice. The proprietor is very nice and she really knows her tea! You can usually get samples of whatever you're looking at.
      As for tea rooms... I can't think of any aside from bubble tea, but that isn't really what you're looking for...

    2. I saw a tearoom in the Beaches, on the south side of Queen, last time I was there, but I haven't tried it yet.

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        It's considerably east of Main and Queen on the south side. I've been there, and it's quite nice. My favorite is still the Red Tea Box on Queen West near Bathurst, but it's a bit pricy. Goodtea and great desserts, although I'm not crazy about the fondant icing.

        If you're looking for good loose tea, there's a tea shop on Yonde near Rosedale. I'm pretty sure it's just called The Tea Shoppe. As long as your rough-looking friends don't throw things, all three places should be okay.

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          House of Tea
          1015-1017 Yonge (east side, immediately north of Rosedale TTC)
          416 922 1226

          (Note: I went here once while on a walk, not really thinking of buying, and was momentarily shell-shocked by the selection. The owner (wonderful) spent a half hour with me, walking through, explaining tea, and letting me smell anything I could. I ended up with a bag of some of the best tea I've ever had, and a small sampler of an Indian darjeeling with a hint of mango. Delicious. Highly recommended for loose tea purchases.


      2. All the tea rooms I can think of are in hotels and sorta posh... Four Seasons, Windsor Arms, King Edward and Royal York all have very nice afternoon teas but they are expensive (haven't been in a while but $20/person at least). So maybe you could save up some money and tidy up at least one of those rough-looking friends and have a splash! Or convince your grandma to take you, that would be a perfect grandma activity (and she can pick up the bill!).

        1. There is a little place (blink and you'll miss it) on Gerrard st, quite a way east of broadview and gerrard (take a street car going East on gerrard its in the middle of India town) it's cheap and it's yummy...they serve only Kashmiri chai, which is a rich milk and tea brew with almond shavings.