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Jun 26, 2003 09:01 PM

Mall Food

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not talking about McDonald's or KFC, mods, admins, and everybody......talking about those more unique places.

Shopper's World (Vic Park/Danforth)......I remember when I was a kid (circa late 70s) going to the cafeteria in the middle of the mall. The best food were the chunky fries and gravy (still the best....haven't found anything close), the jello, and the roast beef. Unfortunately, this place is long gone.

Bridlewood Mall (Warden/Finch)......Bo Peep restaurant....I remember the seafood caesar salad being good......DRENCHED in dressing, plenty of shrimp and imitation crab, and topped off with parmasean.....don't know if they are still there

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  1. Good mall food is becoming harder and harder to find...

    It might be a chain but there is a New Orleans style place in the Sherway Gardens (Queensway west of Dixie) food court that makes shrimp etouffe, jambalaya and bread pudding among other things. It's pretty good.

    This seems better than some of Sherway's other weird food court additions such as a place that served pierogies with a selection of horrifying toppings (Chilli-cheese style etc.) Or a weird place that did "space age" food, if you will, wherein several dry packets of foodstuffs were emptied in a plastic lidded dish which then went into an ominous looking steaming machine. The food came out reconstituted yet still quite inedible. I did however get to keep the reuseable lidded dish.

    1. It is still there, believe it or not, and still a very hidden gem. I've been living in that area my entire life and never once went in there. My boyfriend tried it one day and ate there every day for a month. Go figure. :)