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Jun 26, 2003 02:37 PM

Looking for inspiration

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I'm suffering from serious food fatigue. I spent half my lunch hour looking for somewhere in the Bay/Bloor area.

I've tried most of the pan-asian places on Yonge and every restaurant in Roy Square. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced lunch place to inspire me?

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  1. i spose that depends on what you define as 'reasonable' :)

    how far are you willing to walk? the dragon maki at sushi sky (yonge street, west side, just north of college) is an excellent light lunch. doubly so with a salad. runs you about $12.

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    1. re: danbird

      I'll have to try that.

      I guess by reasonable I mean the 10/10 rule. No more than a 10 min walk or more than $10.

      1. re: katiej

        There's the New Yorker Deli on the west side of Bay at Charles, across from the Manulife. It's not stunningly good, but very servicable and the staff are reasonably friendly. I reccomend sticking with the Jewish-deli standards like matzoh ball soup and pastrami sandwiches rather than their wraps and whatnot.

    2. The sandwiches at the Holt Renfrew Gourmet are sometimes good. I like their salad sandwich. I've never tried their salads but they look nice.

      Also, the deli at Whole Foods Market sometimes has some good food (although most of it is pretty bland). The Asian Slaw is good. So is the Cabbage Crunch.

      If you feel like walking to Bloor/Spadina, the organic cafe in Noah's Natural Foods (can't remember it's name) has great food.