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Jun 25, 2003 08:28 PM

Katsu on the Danforth

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Now that Hanami (sp?) has changed hands (once again), i will try Katsu across the street. Does anyone have any comments about this place? I remember someone saying something about going during the week for good basic fare...


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  1. i've been there twice. once with my boyfriend and a friend, and once with my roommate. both times we had the buffet ($17.99 dinner).. really very good. the tempura was very light and crispy. i'd also suggest having the Golden Maki. Amazing.

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    1. re: danbird

      I liked it!!!

      Never been to a buffet like that - I thought perhaps the food might be marginal where quality is compromised for quantity. Not the case. Delish. Decent presentation.

      Next time, I will order everything up front off the menu list. Some of my food was forgotten and late when I ordered a few items at a time.

      Can't wait to go there again.

      1. re: neighborguy

        Food is ok for the price.

        However, it does not matter if you order everything up front off the menu list or if you do it one bit at a time ... more often than not, they forget an item or two from your list ... or they cut down on the quantity ordered. I find the problem worse when you come as a big group. We once came as a group of ten, they insisted to put everything in one plate serving ... which becomes difficult if you have 10 people.

        We go there regularly for decent Japanese buffet. It sometimes depend on your server ... some are nice enough to follow-up on your "lost" "forgotten" orders. It also seems to be better during weekday dinners versus weedend dinners and holidays when the place is packed. Make reservations to avoid long line-up.

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      just too hungry

      I've been to the place number of times, and every time I have all you can eat. If you are into more of quantity over quality, it's not bad. I find their sushi to have way too much rice, and tempura with too much batter (sp?). Their beef terriyaki is very good, however.

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      1. re: just too hungry

        If you get the chicken yakitori, make sure it's well-cooked. I ate their this winter, and became very sick after eating some chicken there that was a little too pink. I think they try to get the all you can eat plates out in a little too much of a hurry because the chicken has been under cooked the 2 times I have eaten there.
        But the sushi isn't bad if you're super hungry and on a budget.