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Jun 24, 2003 04:52 PM

Best Korean BBQ in Scarborough? Is there such a thing?

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Or do you really have to go to Koreatown (wherever that is)?

I'm from out of town, am not familiar with Toronto, and have to set up a bachelor party for 6-10 people. Dinner will be Korean BBQ. He's living in Scarborough, but if there's nothing appropriate there we can go elsewhere.

I've found Chowhound recommendations to be quite helpful. So:

1. Any recommended Korean BBQ in Scarborough?
2. If not, where would you recommend?

Locations and names of restaurants would really help. Thanks.

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  1. There is one called Lotte Korean BBQ Restaurant
    4810 Sheppard E Scarborough (416) 332-0633
    which is on the north side of Sheppard, east of McCowan Rd., west of Markham Rd.

    excellent Korean BBQ. the meats are well marinated.
    about $14+tax per person all-you-can-eat dinner (chicken, tender beef sideribs, pork, squid, fish fillet, shrimp, salmon)...each person also gets soup, 1 drink (soft drink, tea)and there is a side of veggies to share (kim chi, sprouts?)

    they'll probably give you a deal if you say it's for alot of people.

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      There's another place (name escapes me) at Midland and Finch (in a plaza with a lot of colourful flags).

      1. re: baby_tran

        oh yeah.....head north on Midland, it's on the west side, just before the 1st light after Finch.

        1. re: Goober

          It is called either "Korean BBQ Restaurant" or "Korean Grill House." There are actually three locations for this chain. 1) Finch/Midland 2) Commerce Gate (Hw. 7 & East Beaver Creek) and 3) Queen and McCaul.

          They all offer the same deal, all you can eat meat + sides + soup + rice @ about 12.99 (little bit more on weekends). There is also a late night deal (after 10pm to close), for 8.99. The Queen Street location is open til 5 am on Friday and Saturday, and is packed with clubbers.

          Just don't go too often if you don't want to get fat/die early =)