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Jun 22, 2003 03:15 PM

Burke and Wells in Toronto (Plus: Sushi tip!)

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Hello Hounds!

After a year in Paris and Florence, a few months in northern New Jersey and two months in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, we've landed in Toronto. We're here for three weeks. You might remember us if you read the Manhattan board, the San Francisco Bay Area board or the International board.

We've been out of Internet touch for a while, but we're back and would love to explore the Toronto food scene with you all. Stay tuned for reviews and other fun stuff as we discover it.

Sushi tip! Last year we found a truly wonderful sushi place in the Sussex Center in Missisauga. Can't remember the name, but they had a white albacore that was to die for. We're going back soon!

Happy hounding!

Burke and Wells


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  1. North 44 for a filet mignon of tuna which is now off the menu. Superior to the FL. Also, Eiginsinn Farm which is to Canada as the FL is to the Bay area. Good luck getting in to either.

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    1. re: Joe H.

      North 44 shouldn't be a problem. You really do love that tuna, eh Joe? :)

      Eigensinn isn't an option unless you're buddies with Statdlander himself.

      I'd suggest Avalon, Susur (if someone cancels and you can get a table on such short notice), Bymark, or The Fifth for a quality fine dining experience. The Bymark burger is phenomenal.

      1. re: pixelchef

        The version of tuna there is the best I have had of this anywhere. On annual trips to Toronto I find myself ordering it over and over.

    2. I've been enjoying your posts on Chowhound (and your own site) for several years, so am aware of your Toronto connection. You've enjoyed the finest for several years - and Toronto isn't in that league. But for ethnic food it's hard to beat (as you must already know).
      For fine dining, there was an earlier thread, which I summarized (see link below).
      For ethnic, just plug in the cuisine - find one that sounds good then, if you like it, search out other recs from the same person. There's a host of new posters here and I'm still catching up too.


      1. Hi Guys!

        Glad you were able to make it back home (for one of you, at least). It was nice to meet up with you in Paris for that memorable dinner at Chez Cartet.
        Having recently returned from Paris myself, I am re-acquainting myself with the TO scene. I will put in a plug for Bouchon. This is a new "wine bar" that has been talked about recently on the board. The food is excellent and the price is very reasonable. The downside is the ambiance (see previous posts about this) and the wine list. I guess I was spoiled in Paris, but the wine list was very disappointing. Hard to find a good wine even if you wanted to spend a lot of money. I do applaud them greatly for attempting to serve a sizable number of wines by the glass. However, this fails for the usual reason when such an ambitious endeavour is undertaken: the wines became stale. I suspect they have fairly low turnover and a number of the wines-by-the-glass tasted as if the bottles had been opened far too long ago (possibly a day or two). I will write a more complete review when time permits...

        Another recent recommendation is Retro Rotisserie, which I posted about last month.

        Have fun and send me an e-mail if you have time to get together and meet my wife...