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Jun 19, 2003 12:02 PM

Good Japanese in Etobicoke

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I just moved to the Islington and Bloor area in Etobicoke and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good location for really good eat-in japanese food.

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  1. none,
    Go South...Try the ones on the Queensway & Islington

    1. Head to Bloor West Village. For casual try Sushi villa beside the No Frills at Bloor & Runnymede or Yummi on Bloor 2 blocks east of Jane for a more upscale atmosphere.

      1. You are right across the street from one of the best I've eaten at!!! Try Gojima...two blocks east of Islington on Bloor. Freshest, yummiest going!!!

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          I've been to Gojima a couple of times and was not impressed with the food, especially the hot dishes. The sushi/sashimi/maki are better. What I really dislike is the service, slow and unattentive. I much prefer to drive downtown for good Japanese food. Just my 2 cents. Peace.

        2. Can't believe no one's said Sushi Kaji yet. I thought I'd be at least the 20th to say so. Thought of as the best sushi in the GTA.

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            Sushi Kaji is the best in TO. But, you pay for what you get. It is pricey and by no means a neighbourhood Japanese place. Kaji is a destination place. I'd recommend it no matter where you lived; but even if I lived right beside it, I wouldn't be going all that often.

            P.S. If you do give Kaji a go (and you should sometime) you'll need reservations.

          2. I like the Sushi 2 Go on Dundas, near the Apache Burger.

            They have a lot of funky rolls and they are reasonably priced