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Good Japanese in Etobicoke

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I just moved to the Islington and Bloor area in Etobicoke and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good location for really good eat-in japanese food.

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  1. none,
    Go South...Try the ones on the Queensway & Islington

    1. Head to Bloor West Village. For casual try Sushi villa beside the No Frills at Bloor & Runnymede or Yummi on Bloor 2 blocks east of Jane for a more upscale atmosphere.

      1. You are right across the street from one of the best I've eaten at!!! Try Gojima...two blocks east of Islington on Bloor. Freshest, yummiest going!!!

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          I've been to Gojima a couple of times and was not impressed with the food, especially the hot dishes. The sushi/sashimi/maki are better. What I really dislike is the service, slow and unattentive. I much prefer to drive downtown for good Japanese food. Just my 2 cents. Peace.

        2. Can't believe no one's said Sushi Kaji yet. I thought I'd be at least the 20th to say so. Thought of as the best sushi in the GTA.

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            Sushi Kaji is the best in TO. But, you pay for what you get. It is pricey and by no means a neighbourhood Japanese place. Kaji is a destination place. I'd recommend it no matter where you lived; but even if I lived right beside it, I wouldn't be going all that often.

            P.S. If you do give Kaji a go (and you should sometime) you'll need reservations.

          2. I like the Sushi 2 Go on Dundas, near the Apache Burger.

            They have a lot of funky rolls and they are reasonably priced

            1. I have found Gojima to have very good sushi, but the service is appalling - maybe take out is the best choice there.

              The Ichiban on 5306 Dundas West (at Poplar Avenue) is our weeknight place, as we live at Bloor and Islington too.

              Good service, always fresh fish and some very nice extras we don't find at other places.