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Jun 17, 2003 03:46 PM


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can anyone tell me of a restaurant/bar/place in toronto that has an excellent selection of beers one cannot find here? and no, im not talking about the bier markt on the esplanade cus that doesnt cut it for me. im talking about a french beer called "kronenbourg". perhaps the greatest lager in the world! has anyone found this beer in toronto?????? or others?

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  1. Try the Amsterdam @ King & Portland. Just curious. Are you looking for Kronenbourg on tap? I've seen bottles in the LCBO.

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    1. re: Kevman

      yeah, im looking for kronenbourg both on tap and in the bottle. on tap would be fabulous if you know where i could find it....but bottle would be just as good. can i ask what LCBO you found these at? and how long ago?

      1. re: nobodybeatsthewiz

        In the past I think I have seen Kronenbourg at the Forrest Hill Loblaws & the Davisville LCBOs. Right now it looks like you'll have your work cut out for you. If you believe the LCBO's inventory website, only cans of 1664 are available in the Toronto area.


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          thanks alot. appreciate it.

    2. Check out the Bar Towel website. They have a listing of good pubs in Toronto, sorted by neighbourhood.

      I can't recall Kronenbourg being offered on tap anywhere in Toronto, but then, I haven't looked for that brand. As Kevman mentioned, it is available at the LCBO in bottles, and it is offered in bottles at pubs such as The Only Cafe (Danforth @ Jones). Good luck!