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Jun 16, 2003 02:06 PM

Kaji Sushi Rules

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Me and the missus went to Kaji Sushi on the Queensway the other day. We each had the $85 Omakase dinner and it one our most memorable meals ever. Been to Tojo's, Hiro and Nobu in NY but this was better. The sushi/sashimi was fabulous and the kitchen was equally up to par with the cooked items. Memorable moment was the sea bream sashimi and the huge live prawns that were still pulsating after Kaji San removed their heads. Not for the squeamish but dilish! Kaji San is also quite an entertainer, he was clowning around with us, fellow diners and his staff, looks like a fun place to work. Its going to be tough going back to all the "economy" sushi joints around town eg. on Bloor and Queen Streets.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Absolutely agree! Buried deep in the Canada Chowhound board is a detailed description of our first meal there (I think it was about 3 years ago - I can still remember each course!)

    It's worth the drive!

    1. Buy the chef a drink to show your appreciation for his mastery. We did one night after learning that that was the Japanese custom. It was the best sushi meal I'd had in a long time and probably as good as one I had at Nobu years ago. Agree with you that he beats Hiro by miles.

      1. It's been 12 hours since and I'm still smiling. The food and presentation was spectacular. Chef Kaji picks the most unbelievably fresh fish. I ordered the Kaji Selection ... definitely worth the drive. I would absolutely advise on eating at the sushi bar. Speaking with Chef Kaji adds so much to the enjoyment of the meal. He has a fantastic sense of humour.