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Jun 16, 2003 01:34 AM

Czech restaurants/bakeries?

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I am looking for some Czech restaurants/bakeries in Toronto.

I know of one, i.e the Prague Deli on Queen Street. Anyone been there?

Any others that might be out there?

They have to be Czech, not Hungarian or other East European.


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  1. Haven't been there myself, but there's one in Scarborough called Prague Restaurant. Link below.


    1. Danube restaurant on Yorkville Ave, near Bellair is a Czech restaurant.

      1. there was Czech food served at a Junction bar called Celts on Dundas near Keele. The place is a dive and now under new management, so it may or may not still have czech food.

        1. Prague Deli is Great! Its a deli and it has a couple of counter seats at the back where you can eat. The food is authentic czech as are the deli good and pastries. Everything is made there and is fresh. Try it out.