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Jun 12, 2003 03:46 PM

where to get ackee in Toronto

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Does anyone know where I can get ackee in Toronto?

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  1. You can get canned ackee in most areas of Toronto. Especially near a neighbourhood with a sizable Jamaican population (Jane/Finch, Rexdale, Eglinton/West of the Allen etc.) or downtown at the Kensington or the St Lawrence Markets. Below is a link to Goudas resellers. They make tons of canned stuff including ackee.

    Nicey's and Price Choppers are all over the place, so try them. You still might want to call to ensure that they have it in stock.

    Can't say that I have ever noticed fresh ackee in Toronto.


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      I have friends in Virginia (US) who would like to find some canned Ackee. Any information would be helpful. Is there a mail order Co.?

    2. I have friends who bring frozen ackee from their visits to Jamaica...she's got fresh ackee all year long.

      Yep, you can buy it in a can, ususally $6/can, but it's not the same. In Kensington you can get a nice ackee/saltfish sandwich. I work downtown so I usually end up getting ackee and salfish with rice'n'peas at Ackee Tree in the food court at the Eaton Centre. Not the best, but better than no ackee at all!

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        Ackee in the Eaton Centre????

        That settles it! I'm accepting the new job offer located at Trinity Square!

        thanks for the tip!