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Jun 11, 2003 03:26 PM

Jamaican Food

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I'm looking for a good AUTHENTIC Jamaican/West Indian restaurant in Toronto. Any suggestions? So many of them out there serve stale food...nothing seems fresh. Right now I will only eat at Wong's Restaurant or Irie on Queen West.

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  1. I don't know about authenticity...but Roti Hut in Scarborough serves fresh plaza one light south of Sheppard Ave., off the west side of McCowan Rd.

    1. Try to the Alberts on the NW corner of Vaughan Road & St Clair for good jerk. It's only of a take-away or stand and eat. Can't speak for their Queen location.

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      1. re: mikeb

        I'll second Alberts. Mighty tasty jerk, and the curry chicken rotis are damn fine ... especially late-night.

        1. re: Nab

          oooh yes.

          many's the late night i've grabbed a bite there. i heartily endorse this recommendation!

          (although, admittedly, i'm a wimpy white kid who can't handle food that's too spicy... albert's seems to do a good job)

        2. re: mikeb

          I agree with everyone who said Albert's... it's usually busy too

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          1. There's a great roti spot you'd probably know about south of bloor on bathurst called Carribean Roti Palace; they're very good if you want a roti - great curried veg's too...
            I'll second Alberts for the jerk as well (same in both locations) and add in their curry goat as well, it's full-on addictive. I will have to say though, their roti is not that great at all.
            Never had wong's, looks a little dodgy outsite so didn't go in - might have to do that - any recommendations?

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            1. re: dannyboy

              At Wong's Restaurant, I recommend the curry shrimp or fish tea (soup). Definately. It's one of those places that serves the best food and doesn't worry too much about decor...the cutest oriental woman is the cook - like someone's mother.

              RE: Alberts on Queen - I had some jerk pork as well as some fish and had to actually throw the food out. I was hungry too! I was better off going to Vena's Restaurant a few blocks west for their roti (the best!!!).

              1. re: sunshine

                Vena's (Queen W) does make some damn fine Roti. There's a Bloor St place by the same name near Lansdowne but I don't know if it's the same owner/quality.

                1. re: sunshine

                  Thanks for the Wong's reminder, I always think of them in terms of Chinese Food--but they do West Indian dishes very well. The service is slow but worth the wait and their prices are reasonable. My favorite dish is their Chicken Fried rice. They also do nice soups and curry dishes.

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