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Jun 11, 2003 12:39 PM

Best Greek?

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only one greek meal in Toronto, where should I go?

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  1. Avli on the Danforth is good for an upscale, authentic Greek restaurant, Zorba's, on Danforth just east of Pape, is great for avgolemono and souvlaki(but it looks like a greasy spoon)

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    1. re: sunnyside

      I don't have enough experience to know if Avli is the best of all Greek restaurants in Toronto, but I do know that it has a lovely atmosphere and great, friendly service. And great food, too.

      On the night I was there the owner was greeting patrons. One passer-by looked inside out of curiosity, but was a bit timid to try the food. The owner invited her to sit and try a plate of sample items from the menu. No charge! I immediately took a liking to the place.

      Skip lunch on the day that you are going for dinner, because the portions are huge.

      1. re: migrant23

        you may want to try this link to a previous discussion :)


        1. re: danbird

          oh, and FWIW i love Zorba's too. go in the middle of the night, half drunk, and have the saganaki.


          the hummus is incredible too. enough garlic to stun an elephant.

      2. re: sunnyside

        I just don't get it. Why is everyone singing the praises for Avli? One time I took my sister there for dinner. My moussaka was so-so, and her pork souvlaki was so tough. It definitely wasn't worth the price.

        1. re: betteredge

          Avli has excellent spanakopita, grilled octopus and dips. When I want souvlaki, I head to Zorba's, or other more humble establishments. I find souvlaki, like burgers, roti and poutine, are best at hole in the wall type establishments

      3. Mez├ęs on Danforth