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Jun 10, 2003 05:43 PM

Steak (again?)

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I apologize. This discussion has probably been done before (although I didn't see it).


My friends and I can argue this for hours, until someone ends up with hurt feelings.

My brief analysis:

The best steaks can be found at Carman's. Also good are House of Chan and Steak Pit (surprising, given it's shoddy appearance and lack of sides).

Hy's and Harbour Sixty are impressive, but they don't focus enough on "the food". And, when you strip away the Versace-esque decor and obsequious but truly unhelpful service, you don't have too much. Morton's is good but, please, don't take that cart around giving an uninformative lesson in Beef 101 as if we've just arrived from another planet. That corny routine doesn't really even help a beginner to select a piece of meat.

I think that Barberian's, Senior's, and Le Biftheque are ridiculously bad restaurants. Reasons on request.

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  1. To save someone from wasting their money, I suggest you avoid the Old Scott House....went there for Father's day last year....terrible overcooked dry steak

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    1. re: Goober

      I agree with this. The Old Scott House is horrible. It was great YEARS ago, but it's glory days are LONG behind it. Stay clear.

      I suggest Barberians, Carman's, or Morton's.

      1. re: Chris

        Ordering anything OTHER than steak at Barberian's is like ordering lamb at Le Bernadin -- you just shouldn't do it. I think they serve the best cuts in Toronto and they seem to do it exactly as I wish. I'm a steakhound though and skip all accoutrements going instead straight for either the big porterhouse or the big filet (and woe betide anyone who comes between me and that puppy).

        1. re: tiki

          I agree with you about Barberian's. We always enjoy a good steak there. One time I tried a shrimp dish. It was OK, but stick with the steaks. My husband enjoys the atmosphere.

          Besides, Marge Barberian is a very nice lady. We told her on our last visit how much we enjoyed eating there and she bought us a drink. A nice gesture, we thought.

          Now if the Phantom would only came back, sob. D.

    2. Hi... I know that it has been slammed on this board before, but I actually had my best "steak" experience at Harbour 60. The steak arrived EXACTLY as requested, and I do expect the ridiculous when it comes to steak... chefs hate my kind. Although, the experience did COST me an arm and a leg.

      I had heard about House of Chan, but haven't been around to try it. I agree that one can get a pretty good steak at Carman's also.

      Thanks for the topic Fwagra!

      1. At Senior's you get what you pay for, so don't pay too much. Get a sandwich downstairs if you have to go to Senior's. Or preferably go across the street for Italian--either Terroni or the supercheap Boccone (lunch only).

        Although I don't know your reasons, I disagree with you on Barberians. They have good steak, a professional manner and an excellent wine list. The main thing that I can see turning people off is the "old boys" feel to this place.

        1. I've had the opportunity to dine at the House of Chan a number of times. When the steak is done right I agree it is probably my favourite steakhouse by far. However, I dont see why they even bother asking how you like it done because it never seems to matter. They are prepared the way they feel like it so sometimes the steaks are overdone for my liking. For the amount of money you are paying for the steak you think they would prepare it the way you like. Most recently been going to Biff's and Bardi's for my steak fix.