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Jun 10, 2003 02:59 PM

The revival of Morrocan food post!

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Hey guys,

I'm not Morroccan but am interested in sampling some Morrocan food. I have heard of Lakasbah Moroccan Cuisine, 3430 Bathurst St. (north of Lawrence Ave.) as posted in the food section of and The Sultan's Tent. Has anyone been to these restaurants? What are popular Morroccan dishes? Any cheap eats Morroccan style?

Any info would be appreciated!
chow on!

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  1. The Sultant's Tent will be opening on Front Street East (near Church) in September. I assume it's the same people who used to be at that dumpy Bay Street location (north of Bloor) for years and years, before the cheezy plaza got torn down for a condo development.

    I'm really, really hoping that the fabulous new digs will encourage them to serve better, more creative food than the generic, tourist crap they served before.