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Jun 9, 2003 02:42 PM

Hotel meals?

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Hi T.O. hounds, I'll be coming up from Chicago to stay in Toronto this weekend for the Cubs-Jays series and had 3 questions for which I need some help (one non-food related):

-My brother and I will be with dad, and were thinking of taking him to Le Bifteque in the Sheraton Hotel downtown for a reasonible steak. Bad idea? Brilliant? Somewhere in between?

-Our hotel, the Marriott Eaton Centre, is said to serve a decent breakfast buffett in their Parkside Cafe. Confirmation?

-Does anyone know which hotel the Cubs, as a visiting team, might be staying in?

Thanks for indulging my rather low-chowhoundish questions.

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  1. *I've never been to Biftheque, but Morton's makes the best steaks...have you ever been to the original in your hometown?

    Here's the link for Toronto's:

    *I believe visiting teams stay in the hotel built in to the Skydome.

    By the way, thanks for visiting Toronto.......spend spend spend and have a good time! :)

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    1. re: Goober
      bottomless pit

      I agree! Morton's of Chicago (Prince Arthur and Avenue across from the 4 Seasons in "Yorkville") has the BEST steak! Their filet mignon is particularly sumptious (sp)!

    2. I have been to Le Bifteque and it is OK. Not great, not horrible. For an oldfashioned steakhouse experience (with a damn good steak) my father loves Barberian's. And, instead of a standard hotel brunch, why not try chinatown for some incredible dim sum?

      1. The breakfast offered at the Parkside Cafe (buffet) is quite good. I've eaten it several times. Everything is competently prepared and fresh. The pastries are good too, which is rare in breakfast buffets.

        I do not recommend Le Bifteque. In fact, I'd highly suggest you look elsewhere for great steak. As mentioned, Barberians is good. I also really enjoy Carmen's. Ruth's Chris is good, too, but not on the level of Barberians or Carmen's. Black Angus is also great, if you like that dark, oldschool steakhouse atmosphere.

        Unfortunately, I have no idea where the Cubs would be staying. Good luck stalking them! ;)

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        1. re: Chris
          Mississauga Matt

          The Marriott has its own steakhouse restaurant called JW's. Click on the URL below to see a review.

          Barberian's is nice and close and certainly worthwhile.

          I don't believe either of these establishments cork their steakknives :~)


          1. re: Mississauga Matt

            That's funny Matt! Mr. Bonehead Cork probably will be suspended for those games--that's alright, I can watch Kerry Wood and Mark Prior make Delgado wish he had corked his bat! Or watch Carlos hit a series of massive home runs. oh well, at least we'll try to eat well.

            Anyhow, thanks all. No Le Bifteque for us, then. We are certainly going to Chinatown, and the St. Lawrence Mkt to have a peameal (sp?) sandwich, and eat hot dogs from trucks/carts. And, if I find a wad of cash on the pavement, we'll go to one of the good, old-school steak emporiums of Toronto.

        2. I'm with the others. Avoid Le Biftheque. Any other steak house is better.
          But, please also consider ethnic food - it's where Toronto really shines. You'll be staying close to Dundas. Walk west and you'll have multiple choices. And when you reach Spadina (if you get that far), there's plenty of choice both North and South.
          And I also think visiting teams stay at the Skydome hotel.