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Jun 6, 2003 07:08 AM

coffee beans

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Where do the caffeine addicts buy their green beans in the Toronto area? I am new to this game and have bought some from Merchants of Green coffee and was wondering how many others there are.


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  1. i believe birds and beans carries green beans. they sell fair trade organic coffee. it's very fresh and tastes great! you can either order from them or find them at some of the local organic markets. small plug for organic markets at riverdale farm on tuesdays and dufferin grove park on thursdays 3:30 to 7:00. fresh organic meats, baked goods, produce, honey, olive oil.


    1. the Cheese Dairy in the Annex carries some brilliant fresh coffee beans as well, great roasts, check'em out...

      1. Another good green bean option is the MoonBean Cafe in the Kensington Market. They normally sell roasted beans but, as a roaster themselves, will sell green beans as well if you request it. It's best to call them in advance or place an order and come back later as it takes them a few hours to put together a package on busy days but it is well worth the wait!