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Jun 5, 2003 06:05 PM

Haloumi cheese and Bastourma

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Thanks to everyone that responded to my query about finding this cheese. You have all been very helpful and I can't wait to try out your suggestions.

To go a step further - has anyone heard of a meat called Bastourma? It is an Armenian smoked meat, often hung up to cure in red pepper. Any ideas where that could be found?

These are all childhood memories I am trying to recapture,when I was young and my parents were travelling around the world.

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  1. You can probably find them at Arz Bakery on Lawrence - they will know where to find those two if they don't carry them.

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      Rafy Jamgotchian

      It just so happens that I'm owner of Yervant's Bastourma @ Soudjouk in Montreal I sell accross Canada and U.S.A.,tel:1-888-330-1313.
      I could send it to you or I have a distributor in Toronto.